Other Writing - Travel

Other Writing - Travel

Samantha Harvey’s Orbital (The Lancet)

Robert Blomfield – Student of Light (The Lancet)

Mapping Our Common Future – 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years (The Lancet)

The Armchair Island Traveller (Dec 2020 – Literature Alliance Scotland)

New Nature Writing from Scotland, with Kathleen Jamie, Jim Crumley, Chitra Ramaswamy & Roseanne Watt

(Island Dreams from 12 mins)

The paradox & the allure of island life (Observer Magazine)

The world’s most mesmerising islands (Telegraph)

The Museum of Whales You Will Never See (Guardian Review)

Loop, by Brenda Lozano (Guardian)

The Road Not Taken – My love affair with Geography (New Statesman)

Best books of 2019 (New Statesman)

Homesick by Catrina Davies (Guardian)

Resistance to Immunity – on anti-Vaccination (New York Review of Books)

Best Books of 2018 (New Statesman)

The Library of Ice by Nancy Campbell (Guardian Review)

BBC Radio 4 – The Art of Living (contributor) (short excerpt here)

The Immeasurable World, by William Atkins (Guardian Review)

Four Syrian Borders (with Esa Aldegheri – Granta)

The Chimney Map: National Library of Scotland (documentary)

Queensferry Crossings (‘The Essay’, BBC R3 – file here)

The Supplicant Women, David Greig / Aeschylus (New York Review)

Annie Dillard: The Abundance (Guardian)

In Praise of Libraries (Scotsman)

Gender Variance: Medical & Cultural perspectives (New Republic)

Troubadours, Simon Armitage & Patrick Barkham(New Statesman)

The art of Yves Berger (New York Review of Books)

The Christmas Truce (New York Review of Books)

Christmas in Antarctica (NPR)

At the Talbot Rice Gallery (New York Review of Books)

In Thimphu, Bhutan (LRB blog)

On Libraries (National Library of Scotland)

‘The Third Pole’ (Granta)

The Edge of Europe (Island Review)

Hay International Festival Essay – Red Kites & Penguins

BMJ Practical Neurology – Letter from Antarctica

The View from Antarctica (Guardian)

Captain Scott & Dr Wilson (Caught by the River)

Travels in Iceland (Guardian)