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Medscape – with Eric Topol & Abraham Verghese (November 2023)

The Future of the NHS, with Owen Bennet-Jones (Sept 2023)

Radio Capital, Rome (Italian)

With Katherine May, author of ‘Wintering’, on caring.

Start the Week – June 2022

with the Observer – January 2022

with the New York Review of Books – October 2021

With La Stampa / Il Secolo XIX, for the Italian publication of Island Dreams

With Der Spiegel, for the German publication of Island Dreams (June)

Sharing Things – University of Edinburgh (interview series between an alumnus & a first year student, in this case Rose Meikle, studying Sociology) (June 2021)

Little Atoms Podcast – April 2021 (Intensive Care)

Financial Times (Feb 2021)

CNN (Jan 2021)

BBC Scotland with Cathy Macdonald (Jan 10 2021)

Bookshambles with Robin Ince (Nov 2020)

Little Atoms (Island Dreams) (Nov 2020)

Damian Barr’s Big Scottish Book Club, with Neil Gaiman, Kirsty Logan, HarryJo Giles

BBC Outdoors

Travel Writing World (September 2020)

New York Academy of Sciences (Feb 2020)

Bezformata & Sobaka (Russia)

Metro St Petersburgh (Russian, July 2019)

Diario Medico – Spain (July 2019)

El Pais – Spain (July 2019)

Interview with El Confidencial, Spain. June 2019

‘La entrevista final’ – El Mundo, Madrid June 30 2019

Turin Book Fair, May 2019

Your Miraculous and Mysterious Body (US NPR) – To The Best Of Our Knowledge (Feb 2019)

With Sol, for Portuguese publication of Da Cabeça Aos Pés – Adventures in Human Being (Jan 2019)

BBC Radio 4, for Book of the Week – the Freedom Papers – August 2018

The Fountain – July 2018

The Times – June 2018

Five Books on medicine & literature (May 2018)

Radio Scotland with Ricky Ross (May 13 2018)

Radio 3 Free Thinking – on shifting identities (April 2018)

Sunday morning with Richard Holloway, Dec 2017

Scottish Review of Books – August 2016 – text

‘Farenheit’ – Rai 3 at Mantova Lit Fest 2016 (Radio – Italiano) (Rai Tre sito)

Peer Spectrum Interview on Empire Antarctica

Jaipur Literary Festival 2016, with Atul Gawande and Aarathi Prasad  

Mantova Literary Festival: Gazzetta di Mantova, (video)

On Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – Janice Forsyth Show (radio)

Guardian Books Podcast, with Claire Armitstead file here (podcast)

National Geographic Book Talk, with Simon Worrall (text)

The Human Body Redefined: WNYC with John Hockenberry, ‘The Takeway’ (radio)

 With Magnus Linkater, for The Times (text)

‘There cannot be many doctors who can compare a severed artery to the spear wounds in the Iliad, quote Milton on blindness, or refer to Descartes and the “anguish of the soul” while trying to find the pulse in a dying woman…’

Radio 3, Free Thinking, May 2015 (on Sir Thomas Browne) file here

Radio 4 ‘Start the Week’ 8 June  file here

Radio 3, The Verb, 5 June file here

Buzzfeed & Capioca July 2015

Ideas Books


The Body Sphere – ABC Radio (Australia)

Radio 5 – Afternoon Edition July 27 file here

BBC News:

At Bhutan’s International Book Festival: Doordarshan

Adam Campbell MDDUS April 2015

BBC World Service, Outlook (January 2014 – audio)

BBC Radio 4, Six o Clock News, (On winning Book of the Year, Nov 2013 – audio)

BBC Scotland Culture Cafe (Nov 2013 – audio)

Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland (Nov 2013)

BBC Radio Shetland Book Programme (October 2013 – audio)

The Takeaway, on WNYC (US Public Radio) October 2013

With DuMont Reiseverlag: German release Empire Antarctica

BBC 5 Live Book Programme, August 2013

BBC Scotland Culture Cafe with Shereen Nanjiani  July 2013 

BBC Radio Stark Talk, May 2013

Radio 4 PM with Eddie Mair, March 2013

Radio 3 The Verb, with John Burnside & Gillian Clarke Jan 2013

Vintage Books – with Sara Wheeler November 2012

With DuMont Reiseverlag – German release of True North

BBC World Service August 2010 (Discussing True North)